Monday, June 14, 2010

My New Career

Grace made 3 months old last week, and I have been home for almost 4 months. I must say I am embracing my new career in a way I never thought I would. I use to think I would get bored being at home, amongst children all day...sad to admit, that I even thought I would get tired of my kids. Funny how things work, as I experiencing the exact opposite.

Being home with the kids has allowed me to kick back and enjoy the little moments I use to overlook. I feel like I am living in SLOW - MO now that I no longer suffer from previous stress and busyness of my former employer. For once I am able to take the kids to the park, and not worry about rushing back home to get the house clean. Or nurture a kid that is not feeling well without being called from work on how to do this or that.

My hubby teased me on Sunday night saying that I traded in my high heels for flip flops....oh how I love my comfy flip flops.

The beginning of our summer fun:

And Grace just sleeps through it all!

I often wondered what I was meant to be when I grow.
Who knew, that I was meant to be a WIFE and a MOM!!

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  1. I've found that being a stay-at-home mom is the best job EVER! You are doing better than me...I don't even wear flip shoes here. LOL