Friday, May 21, 2010

Isn't Down Syndrome Beautiful!!!

Every week my husband and I normally sit down and watch "What would you do?" together. It's one of the few shows we both enjoy watching. Well one of the segments this week contained a young man with Down Syndrome. They had the actor with Down Syndrome bagging groceries, and another actor complaining and calling this person all kinds of ugly things to see how on lookers would react. Well, I cried as I saw how many people did NOT say a word to the actor who was being ugly. But they did have several people step forward. And it seemed like the people that DID step forward some how had involvement with someone with special needs. There was a teacher, and a brother that stood our the most. They both had someone with special needs touch their lives, so they felt the need to stand up for this young man with Down Syndrome who was being mistreated.

So, after crying my eyes during this show, with the thought that one day, someone could use those cruel words on my precious Grace, and knowing I am not always going to be able to be there and protect her, I went into deep thought. Every day I have someone tell me how cute and adorable Grace is (not being the gloating mommy) but it makes me want to tell that person, "Thank you, did you know that Down Syndrome could be so beautiful." I know it sounds crazy, but I do have that urge to share with the world that my beautiful, adorable, precious baby girl has an extra chromosome. It makes me think that person may come across another person with DS one day, and be kind to that person, because they remember that sweet innocent baby girl they met in the grocery store, or at the park that day. I know it may take time, but one by one we could change what people think of Down Syndrome.

Grace has been so blessed to be born into a wonderful family. And I dont mean me and my husband, etc....but we have an amazing extended family. Not many people could name their 100 or so 2nd and 3rd cousins, but I can! And this family has become an ARMY of love and support for Grace and Down Syndrome. Now I know Grace has opened the eyes of many family members, and how wonderful Down Syndrome is. I just hope day by day, we can show 100's of more people just how special our little ones are.