Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grace at 35 weeks

I am super excited as we had a wonderful dr visit today. I am 35 weeks along and Miss Piggy already weighs an esitmated 6lb 80z. She has 4 more weeks to cook as we have a C-section scheduled March 10, 2010.

Good news with todays visit is that her kidneys look better, and looks like the previous dialation seen is completely cleared up. The doc is still seeing a small VSD, but with the size of the hole he thinks surgery is not necessary. But we will have to confirm that with a cardiologist once baby girl gets here.

I can't describe my excitement seeing my little butterball today. I can't wait to hold her and kiss those big cheeks!!

Only 4 more weeks to go!!!
And YES, that is her foot in front of her little face...poor baby is running out of room.