Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Tribute to the Sisterhood

I noticed today that I have over 150 friends on my facebook account that are my Sisters of the Extra Chromosome. Whether I met you through BabyCenter, or came across you on Facebook, God has really blessed me with this new found family that I have. I have learned more about your kids, and feel like I know them as any Aunt would know her nieces and nephews.

I am there to cheer on as Sara has her first taste of baby food, or Isla as she sits up like a big girl at the restaurant, or Violette as she conquers the potty, and Joy as she moves to the big crib.

I am there to congratulate Olivia on her 2nd Birthday, Kate on her 3rd or Gabriel and Kai as they become big brothers.

I am there to pray for Shane and Wyatt (who have been so strong), Jonathan (who approaches surgery next week), and Lucy (who has finally made it home)!

I am there to admire the photo shoots of Miss Elizabeth, the captivating smile of Ethan, the "wish I had" hair of Wyatt, and the beauty of Solana.

And this only speaks of a few. I could name them all Grady, Chloe, Micah, Castian, Sebastian, Vincent, Taylor, Lila, Sam, Molly and Claire....the list could go on and on.

I have grown to know these kids and their families. I have also grown to love and care for these little ones and their families, just as I would any niece or nephew. Just as I know so many have grown to love my little Grace. Some may not understand how you can have this bond with women you have never met, but ask any other mom in the Sisterhood of the Extra Chromosome, they feel the connection as well.

If only there was a way every time a family received the diagnosis, instead of someone telling them "I'm Sorry" there was someone there that could tell them, "oh how lucky!! you just gained an amazing family!"

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Here's to my Girly Girl!

Last October when I first found out about Grace's diagnosis my mind started racing about all the things she would not be able to do. I knew very little about Down Syndrome and that time and just expected for Grace not to be able to do the things that "typical" kids would be able to do. I was so excited about having my little girl (after 2 boys) that it was important to me to have that little girl that I could do tea parties with, that we could do ballet, and cheer, and everything else her (and mommy's) little heart desired. I so wanted that "girly girl" and thought that Down Syndrome would take that away for me.

It's amazing how your mind set changes the more you know. I now have Faith, that we will be able to do all of those things that I would do with a "typical" daughter. We can still do dance, we can still cheer (which I have had several people tell me about a little girl on our local cheer team) and we will still have many tea parties. Now, I don't worry about if she will be able to do these things. I just hope I we don't get any "tomboy" genes and Grace wants to do these things.

So here's to my Girly Girl!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My New Career

Grace made 3 months old last week, and I have been home for almost 4 months. I must say I am embracing my new career in a way I never thought I would. I use to think I would get bored being at home, amongst children all day...sad to admit, that I even thought I would get tired of my kids. Funny how things work, as I experiencing the exact opposite.

Being home with the kids has allowed me to kick back and enjoy the little moments I use to overlook. I feel like I am living in SLOW - MO now that I no longer suffer from previous stress and busyness of my former employer. For once I am able to take the kids to the park, and not worry about rushing back home to get the house clean. Or nurture a kid that is not feeling well without being called from work on how to do this or that.

My hubby teased me on Sunday night saying that I traded in my high heels for flip flops....oh how I love my comfy flip flops.

The beginning of our summer fun:

And Grace just sleeps through it all!

I often wondered what I was meant to be when I grow.
Who knew, that I was meant to be a WIFE and a MOM!!