Thursday, June 17, 2010

Here's to my Girly Girl!

Last October when I first found out about Grace's diagnosis my mind started racing about all the things she would not be able to do. I knew very little about Down Syndrome and that time and just expected for Grace not to be able to do the things that "typical" kids would be able to do. I was so excited about having my little girl (after 2 boys) that it was important to me to have that little girl that I could do tea parties with, that we could do ballet, and cheer, and everything else her (and mommy's) little heart desired. I so wanted that "girly girl" and thought that Down Syndrome would take that away for me.

It's amazing how your mind set changes the more you know. I now have Faith, that we will be able to do all of those things that I would do with a "typical" daughter. We can still do dance, we can still cheer (which I have had several people tell me about a little girl on our local cheer team) and we will still have many tea parties. Now, I don't worry about if she will be able to do these things. I just hope I we don't get any "tomboy" genes and Grace wants to do these things.

So here's to my Girly Girl!!!


  1. I love that sweet baby girl - girly girl or tomboy hahahaha and I love you!

  2. I've met some VERY dainty little DS princesses in my life, so don't worry. LOL

  3. I remember thinking the same thing! (Also have 2 boys then a little lady) and I was worried that she wouldn't want to go shopping with me because she had Ds. It took me awhile to realize that if she doesn't want to go shopping with me, it'll probably be because she doesn't like shopping, not b/c of an extra chromosome!

    Cute pictures!