Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Letter to My Friends and Family

As you probably already know, Semeon and I found out a few months ago that we are going to be adding a new little member to our family. Over the past few weeks we found out some both wonderful and surprising news that we wanted to share with our family and friends. First, we found out that we are expecting a GIRL! FINALLY after 6 years of being surrounded by nothing but boys mommy is getting her baby girl. Second, after months of various testing, we have also discovered that our baby girl has an extra chromosome (also called Down Syndrome.) Now, of course this initially came as a surprise and scare to us, as we were not familiar with Down Syndrome, the symptoms and what it does to a child. After two months of researching and learning everything I could, I soon realized that this is not a burden that has been placed on our laps, but a blessing we have received from God. Instead of thinking "why me," we truly feel that we have been chosen to care for this little angel coming into our lives. Now we know we have a journey ahead of us in the upcoming months, but we also know that we are surrounded by loving and supportive friends and family who will be there for us in case we stumble. So please, keep our little family and our little "blessing," Grace Symone, in your thoughts and prayers. We are very anxious for March 16, 2010 to get here so we can meet the newest family member, and start our new journey in life.

The Dickerson Family


  1. Felicia- Congratulations on your little blessing! She will bring you great joy and contentment. Feel free to drop by our blog and meet our family! We're excited to follow little Grace's progress!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on the soon birth of your baby girl..... what a blessing Grace will be to your family! We have a little boy who is three with Down syndrome and we could not be more in love with him!!!

    Did I say congratulations yet?????? :)

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